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I am Awaisha Inayat. I am a Professional Psychologist and have a diverse experience in Educational, Clinical and Organisational Psychology.

I hold an MPhil degree in Psychology from University of Karachi and a Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certification from Beck Institute, Philadelphia. 

My career in mental health began as a Counsellor at a school in 2016 where I worked closely with children, adolescents, families, and adults. For the last 06 years , In my practice as a Mental Health practitioner, I help people to cope with daily-life problems, stress, and emotional issues. My therapeutic style centres around holistic approach where I get to know a person better and talk more explicitly about issues before making any therapeutic intervention and / or recommendations. I also am a strong advocate empowering my client for teaching 'tools' for coping with mental health problems. I've also gained training in Anxiety Management because we know now that it is prevalent in our life experiences for any given age. I value compassion, persistence, and patience in working towards change.

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My Story

Welcome to Rahnuma.

I know what it is like to be completely new to the subject of mental health, both within and outside your personal life. I know what it's like to take this topic and feel like it's just you, alone. Rahnuma is a unique and safe space for you to work on your mental health that is accessible. 

Rahnuma pledges to raise awareness of mental health, developing our empathy and building confidence in talking about it and make changes. This is about happiness fulfilment, health, well-being and not just yours, but that of others too. Rahnuma's intention is to make a difference for everyone out there and hence, help build healthier communities. Let us be your "Rahnuma" may it be at your work, for your colleagues, peers, family and friends - it's so we can change something in your life that brings about a positive change. 

I commend you in reaching out to our platform for mental health assistance and support. Rahnuma's vision is to make psychological help and support accessible i.e., anytime and anywhere. I look forward to working with you. I value your time and want to use it productively.

I believe therapy has the potential to change everyone’s lives for the better. But here’s the problem, in most cases hard to access in Pakistan. And let’s not forget the degree of stigma attached to therapy. But if you are feeling at all hesitant, consider this: “Sometimes our brains need a little maintenance and looking after to help us deal with life’s challenges. And that’s what therapy helps with.” Therapy is for the courageous and what it delivers is true strength and endless possibilities for a fuller life. 

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