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Rahnuma is launching


Rahnuma is a unique and safe space for you to work on your mental health concerns. At Rahnuma, we offer online therapy, counselling and mentoring services for concerns such as anxiety, depression, teenage problems, career counselling, parental counselling, anger management, time management and other daily life concerns.

"I commend you on reaching out to my platform for mental health assistance and support. It is my vision is to make psychological help accessible i.e. anytime and anywhere."
- Awaisha Inayat, Founder Rahnuma

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Book your session now

  1. Have you been feeling depressed or anxious lately?

  2. Has your mood been interfering with your job or studies?

  3. Are you unable to find purpose and meaning in life?

  4. Do you need to talk through a specific challenge? 

  5. Do you want to improve yourself but are clueless where to start?

You may be experiencing a range of emotions as you read this - anywhere from exasperation to joy and from despair to hope. We invite you right now to check in with yourself and see how you feel at this point in your life. We certainly feel hopeful for you because we know that the support you need is just a click away. We are here, right now, willing to help you.

Reach out to us and book your online session.

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